Mortgage Insurance Benefits

Back to Basics: Conveying Mortgage Insurance Benefits to Your Borrowers

Your borrowers worked hard to save up money for a down payment. For…
Delegated vs Non-Delegated Underwriting

Back to Basics: Understanding Delegated vs Non-Delegated MI Underwriting

During the homebuying process, all the paperwork that a borrower…
Differences in MI Products

Back to Basics: Differences in MI Products and When They Make Sense for Different Borrowers

Mortgage insurance (MI) comes in one shape and size, right? Not…
What is Mortgage Insurance

Back to Basics: What is Mortgage Insurance?

When many of us first entered the mortgage industry, we eventually…
Portfolio Loans for Local Lending

How to Leverage Portfolio Loans for Local Lending

June is National Homeownership Month, a time to celebrate the…
Genworth Mortgage Insurance's website wins the Tech100 Award from HousingWire

Genworth's Customer-Driven Website Design: How We Did It

In the design world, it’s a widely accepted fact that customers…
Unlocking Homeownership

Unlocking Homeownership, Part 2—A Full Picture

Part 2: When the Little Things Provide A Full Picture My name…
Unlocking Homeownership

Unlocking Homeownership, Part 1—The Value of Relationships

Part 1: It’s All in the Family—The Value of Relationships…
Benefits of Mortgage Insurance

Benefits of Mortgage Insurance Infographic

The benefits of Mortgage Insurance - there’s actually a lot…
First-time Homebuyer 12-17

First-Time Homebuyer Market Report 12.17

Genworth Releases Third Report Edition to Track the Entire First-Time…