Quarterly Agency Updates

Catch Up on Quarterly Agency Updates from Q3 2018

Quarterly Agency Updates and Communications 3Q18

Did you know we host a quarterly agency updates webinar that covers changes the GSEs announced over each quarter? Genworth Mortgage Insurance’s nationally-recognized Director of Customer Education, MaryKay Scully, highlights the quarterly GSE updates and changes that will have an impact on how you do business. This webinar is an easy way to get up to speed on current GSE guidelines.

In this latest Quarterly Agency Updates webinar, we cover Fannie Mae’s new MI termination changes and Selling Guide updates. We also discuss Freddie Mac’s new collateral scoring, changes to originating condominium loans, and self-employed borrower calculations in LPA®.

MaryKay will also show you how to navigate the GSE websites and where you can sign up to receive emails about guideline updates.

Watch the full webinar by clicking on the link below.


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