Quarterly Agency Updates

Catch Up on Quarterly Agency Updates from Q3 2018

Quarterly Agency Updates and Communications 3Q18 Did you know…
Working Remotely social media for loan officers

Tips for Working Remotely in the Mortgage Industry

We're witnessing changing times in the American workforce. Currently,…
Renovation Loans Construction Loans

Solving Inventory Challenges with Construction Loans

In Part 1 of our inventory mini-series, we discussed renovation…
Renovation Loans Construction Loans

Solving Inventory Challenges with Renovation Loans

Finding solutions to one of today’s biggest market challenges:…
Mortgage Insurance Benefits

Back to Basics: Conveying Mortgage Insurance Benefits to Your Borrowers

Your borrowers worked hard to save up money for a down payment. For…
Mortgage Technology

Back to Basics: Understanding Mortgage Technology Connectivity

From automation to artificial intelligence, nearly every industry…
volunteer build day

Genworth MI's Volunteer Build Days 2018

Let's help someone build a house today! At Genworth Mortgage…
Mortgage Application Rejection

Back to Basics: 4 Reasons Why Your Applicant's Mortgage Application Is Getting Rejected

I recently came across an article on Realtor.com which discussed…
first-time homebuyer market

First-Time Homebuyer Market Report 08.18

Genworth Releases Sixth Report Edition to Track the Entire First-Time…
Delegated vs Non-Delegated Underwriting

Back to Basics: Understanding Delegated vs Non-Delegated MI Underwriting

During the homebuying process, all the paperwork that a borrower…
Differences in MI Products

Back to Basics: Differences in MI Products and When They Make Sense for Different Borrowers

Mortgage insurance (MI) comes in one shape and size, right? Not…
Manufactured Housing Deserves a Fresh Look

Back to Basics: Why Manufactured Housing Deserves a Fresh Look

Remember when manufactured housing used to equate to mobile homes? Remember…