Renovation Loans Construction Loans

Solving Inventory Challenges with Construction Loans

In Part 1 of our inventory mini-series, we discussed renovation…
Renovation Loans Construction Loans

Solving Inventory Challenges with Renovation Loans

Finding solutions to one of today’s biggest market challenges:…
Mortgage Insurance Benefits

Back to Basics: Conveying Mortgage Insurance Benefits to Your Borrowers

Your borrowers worked hard to save up money for a down payment. For…
Mortgage Technology

Back to Basics: Understanding Mortgage Technology Connectivity

From automation to artificial intelligence, nearly every industry…
volunteer build day

Genworth MI's Volunteer Build Days 2018

Let's help someone build a house today! At Genworth Mortgage…
Mortgage Application Rejection

Back to Basics: 4 Reasons Why Your Applicant's Mortgage Application Is Getting Rejected

I recently came across an article on which discussed…
first-time homebuyer market

First-Time Homebuyer Market Report 08.18

Genworth Releases Sixth Report Edition to Track the Entire First-Time…
Delegated vs Non-Delegated Underwriting

Back to Basics: Understanding Delegated vs Non-Delegated MI Underwriting

During the homebuying process, all the paperwork that a borrower…
Differences in MI Products

Back to Basics: Differences in MI Products and When They Make Sense for Different Borrowers

Mortgage insurance (MI) comes in one shape and size, right? Not…
Manufactured Housing Deserves a Fresh Look

Back to Basics: Why Manufactured Housing Deserves a Fresh Look

Remember when manufactured housing used to equate to mobile homes? Remember…
real estate agent relationships

Back to Basics: 3 Tips to Build Better Real Estate Agent Relationships

As a loan officer, you might wonder if it’s important to build…
What is Mortgage Insurance

Back to Basics: What is Mortgage Insurance?

When many of us first entered the mortgage industry, we eventually…