customer-centric culture

How Mortgage Transactions Can Lead to Better Relationships

If you ask anyone in the mortgage industry if business gets…
5 Tips Before You Begin Working with Self-Employed Borrowers

5 Tips to Working with Self-Employed Borrowers

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How to Underwrite Mortgages with Student Loan Debt

Ask An RU: Underwriting Mortgages with Student Loan Debt

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Appraiser snapping photos of a home's exterior for his drive-by appraisals

Desktop and Drive-by Appraisals: Protecting Against Interior Photograph Fraud

Recently, Desktop and Drive-by appraisals (no interior inspection…
Efficiency with Checklists

[Video] Improve Your Efficiency with Checklists

When you know all the tasks you need to do to originate, process,…
Ask an RU - Underwriting Manufactured Houses

[Ask an RU] Underwriting Manufactured Houses: Labeling Conundrums

If you don’t spend a lot of time underwriting manufactured…
First-Time Homebuyers Impacted by COVID-19

COVID-19's Impact on First-Time Homebuyers

With the onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the first quarter of…
Working remotely in the mortgage industry. Social media for loan officers.

[That MI Guy Video] The Four C’s to Successful Loan Officers and Closing More Business

One of the perks of having my job is that I get to meet with…
First Pass Approval

[Video] 5 Tips to Getting First Pass Approval

In these busy times, it may seem like you don’t have enough…
National Homeownership Month Local Lending

Reflecting on the Past and Looking to the Future with National Homeownership Month

What is National Homeownership Month? June is National Homeownership…
Back to Basics

Why Manufactured Housing Deserves a Fresh Look

Remember when manufactured housing used to equate to mobile homes? Remember…
Ask an RU: Cannabis Income

[Ask an RU] Underwriting a File with Cannabis Income

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