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Identifying the Top 3 Most Common Types of Mortgage Fraud

In the mortgage industry, we consistently hear that mortgage fraud is becoming more difficult to commit. What that really means is that traditional methods of mortgage fraud are becoming more difficult to commit, especially with improvements in technology and verification of borrower information. Despite these improvements, fraudsters learn quickly and are always looking for new […]

6 Tips for Cultivating a Customer-Centric Culture

First-time homebuyers…they’re oftentimes scared, confused, overwhelmed, and skeptical when it comes to the homebuying process. What that means is they usually need extra TLC from their loan officer when it comes to obtaining a mortgage. These borrowers come in all ages, and from all walks of life, so developing a customer-centric culture can help you give […]

Closing the Management Skills Gap

By Charlotte Tyson Mortgage professionals moving into supervisory roles need leadership training Career-advancement opportunities abound in the mortgage industry. It is an industry where an individual taking an entry-level mortgage-originator job, for example, can go on to enjoy an enriching work experience that includes gaining technical expertise as well as pursuing personal and professional development […]

Back to Basics: Understanding Mortgage Technology Connectivity

From automation to artificial intelligence, nearly every industry is being touched by technological advances, including the mortgage industry. And for mortgage and real estate professionals who choose to see mortgage technology as an opportunity, efficiency and productivity are within their grasp. Mortgage technology is making the industry more efficient. It’s also helped real estate agents […]