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Do You Need to Reevaluate How You Think About First-Time Homebuyers?

In the mortgage industry, we sometimes tend to think of our prime first-time homebuyer market as the younger half of the Millennial generation. You know, the ones that are obsessed with plants and Instagram. However, the recent National Association of Realtors report reveals that the median age of first-time homebuyers has risen to 33 years […]

Process Improvement for Your Mortgage Operations

Have you ever heard the phrase “if you’re not evolving, you’re dying?” In business operations, not having a process improvement mindset to evolve with changing customer expectations can be detrimental. Process improvement is a serious yet necessary undertaking in the mortgage origination space. In a contracted market, we look for efficiencies to reduce cost and […]

The Automated Appraisal: Tips for a Changing Appraisal Environment

Perhaps you’ve heard the murmurs about an automated appraisal. There are big changes coming to appraisals, and they’ll have a huge impact on how the mortgage industry does business. Today, we’re breaking down some of the new developments in appraisals, what they mean for your business, and tips to help you prepare. I keep hearing […]

Make Your Mortgage Tech Stack Work for You

We often hear from loan officers that they feel that their mortgage tech stack is forced upon them and there’s not much follow-up with how to use it effectively. It’s frustrating for everyone, particularly the individual contributors who don’t understand how the technologies can be used to make them more productive. We’re here to put […]

How Mortgage Underwriting Can Keep Up with an Evolving Digital Mortgage Process

  The mortgage industry – and mortgage underwriting, in particular – seems to have been playing catch up with many other industries in terms of technology. It’s still such a paper-intensive process. The great news is, there are steps you can take – both technologically and not – to improve your mortgage underwriting process to […]