Genworth ActionCenter Top 5 Lender Inquiries

Another day at Genworth Mortgage Insurance, another day devoted to one thing, helping lenders get more people into homes. Part housing expert, part mortgage expert, part computer technician, part friend when you need one that’s who the ActionCenter is…helping you find the answers you’re looking for.  A live representative answers most calls within 30 seconds. It’s part of the human touch that makes us who we are.

Below are the Top 5 Inquiries our ActionCenter receives by phone, email or chat:

  1. How can I amend my Certificate/Commitment? Call or email the ActionCenter at 800 444.5664 and we will help you with changes to your non-delegated and delegated loans. Most changes are quick, such as coverage changes, monthly to zero monthly, DTI updates, typos, etc.
  2. Can you tell me whether my loan is approved, on hold or declined? The ActionCenter can quickly check our system providing a prompt response, as well as look for reasons your loan may be on hold and review those conditions with you live.
  3. How do I activate Mortgage Insurance? For loans that are not Zero Monthly, the activation instructions are printed on the commitment. Activation requires the loan closing date and initial premium with the correct information on where to mail or wire the payment. For Zero Monthly loans, login to to activate mortgage insurance. If you do not have access to our MI Servicing website, call the ActionCenter.
  4. Can you help me understand the Underwriting condition on my Genworth MI commitment? Call our Loan Scenario Hotline at 800 444.5664 option 6 to get answers on specific underwriting questions. We can help with anything from conditions, hold letter callouts, guideline clarifications, Self-Employed Borrower Analysis help, DTI questions, minimum borrower contribution, submission questions, and documents needed.
  5. How can I Reinstate a Commitment? If your commitment is a cancelled commitment, please email it to the ActionCenter, including the loan close date, payment history and any additional documentation needed, to reinstate from the borrower’s first payment (see Lender Servicing Guide for more details). If it is a cancelled certificate, it may be sent directly to Genworth MI’s Lender Services department at

The ActionCenter is available Monday–Friday from 8 am to 8 pm ET. Our representatives are able to resolve most customer calls in less than 4 minutes. No issue is too large. No question is too small.

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